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Asset Protection Services of America

Asset Protection Services of America is an incorporation service provider (ISP) forming and organizing Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships and Trusts in all 50 States. Formerly Corporate Support Services of Nevada Inc, APSA has provided asset protection, tax strategies and estate planning services throughout the United States since 1998. When applicable, Asset Protection Services of America focuses on incorporation services in Nevada and Wyoming but is cognizant that brick-and-mortar businesses normally form entities in their home state. Download our free publications today and contact us for your free private consultation so we can assist you in determining which type of entity and jurisdiction best meets your needs.
  • Asset Protection

  • Tax Strategies

  • Estate Planning

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Asset Protection is the method whereby entities are used to protect things of value to you. An entity can be a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership or other form of lawfully recognized structure designed to protect ownership by holding title to an asset. The respective shareholders, members or partners maintain full control of their assets (i.e. houses, cars, boats, planes, helicopters, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CD’s, cash, coins, precious metals, artwork and businesses, etc) and the “Charging Order Protection” afforded by the State (jurisdiction of incorporation) is what renders protection to the owner from judgement creditors.

It is imperative, therefore, that you understand the difference between “Inside and Outside Lawsuits” as explained in our publication “
Cover Your Assets (3rd Edition)” and “YouTube Videos”. Personal liability protection varies greatly from one State to the next and knowing in which states it is preferable to incorporate is paramount to your overall success.

Knowing how and when to best make use of “
Land Trusts” and when holding title to real property is of tremendous help to real estate investors and homeowners alike. Our free publication entitled “Operations Manual” provides you with nearly 250 pages of forms for “How To” make the most out of your entity including resolutions, agreements, contracts, minutes, meetings and much more!
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Tax Strategies are methods of lawfully ‘avoiding’ taxes. Tax ‘evasion’ is what is illegal and unlawful. APSA encourages the proper use of tax avoidance including the “Capital Gains Exclusion” and other methods of lawfully avoiding “Capital Gains Taxes” as described in our “Equity Recovery Program” and publication entitled “Building Real Estate Wealth”.

In our publication “
Bookkeeping in About an Hour”, with a foreword by Tax Attorney Mr. Scott M. Estill, we alphabetically list every “Tax Deductible Item” and “Medical Expense Deduction” we could locate in the Internal Revenue Code for entities filing an 1120 tax election. Each deduction listed is provided with the corresponding Standard Federal Tax Report Paragraph, Revenue Ruling, Code Section and/or Regulation.

Be very careful if you are considering looking at “International Tax Havens” for although other countries may not possess any tax liabilities for the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) in their jurisdiction, that does not mean
you are void of any tax consequences in your tax-resident country. In the United States, “all worldwide income, wheresoever derived, is taxable!”
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Estate Planning is the method whereby a person does everything in his (or her) power to remainder as much of his estate to his heirs as allowable under law. Our “Business Preservation Trust” is one such strategy.

Our “
Revocable Living Trusts” are for the avoidance of probate and include a “Pour-Over Will” to capture any assets not assigned to the trust or listed in the Addendum “A”. The Revocable Living Trusts of APSA are ‘state specific’ and drafted by a special software program written by attorneys for attorneys and professional document preparers.
There are no additional fees for our consulting services. All ongoing customer support is included within our existing prices. Please utilize our Sitemap to browse our website, learn more About Us, download our Books, fill-out our Order Forms, and contact us for your Free Private Consultation today!

Books by Jay Butler and Dr. Robert Hagopian
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