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Asset Protection Services International is a private consulting firm providing asset protection, tax strategy, estate planning, offshore incorporation and dual citizenship services since 2004. Through contractual relationships with top-specialized law firms in 9 jurisdictions, APSI offers free private consultations to determine which type of entity structure or dual citizenship services best suit your needs. There are no additional fees whatsoever for our international consulting services; our prices are the same as each respective law firm and all legal work is performed by licensed attorneys. Please utilize our Sitemap to browse our website, visit our key Business Links, learn more About Us, subscribe to our FREE Newsletter, download Books by Jay Butler and our Order Forms or contact us for your Free Private Consultation today.

Asset Protection

Charging Order Protection
Inside and Outside Lawsuits
Land Trusts
Offshore Banking
Offshore Incorporation
Personal Liability Protection

Tax Strategies

Capital Gains Exclusion
Equity Recovery Program
Income Tax Strategies
International Tax Havens
Medical Expenses Deductions
Tax Deductible Items

Books by Jay Butler and Dr. Robert Hagopian
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Books by Jay Butler
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